Loan Sales & Distribution

Our Loan Sales & Distribution Businesses

  • Loan Sales & Distribution

    Our Loan Sales & Distribution business is focused on assisting lenders in acquiring, disposing of and financing components of their capital structures. We are a “rentable” loan sales & distribution desk, equipped with proven relationships across (a) the capital markets, and (b) the capital structure to address lenders’ distribution needs. Our team consists of distribution veterans with tested decades long relationships across the capital structure, which enables our firm to help clients identify a capital solutions marketplace match.

    • 1Manage Internal Risk & Modify Exposure
    • 2Free Up Capital
    • 3Enhance Returns
    • 4Respond to Regulations
  • Placing Senior Debt

    We help place the senior positions of loans on behalf of our lender and investor clients in order to help the address their unique balance sheet needs.

    What we do

    Place/Sell senior loans (“Sell-side Mandate”)

    Who we Serve


    What’s our
    Value Proposition?
    Unmatched Capital Markets Expertise
    Our loan sales & distribution expertise includes senior loans and mezzanine loans, pooling mortgage loans and issuing private CLO placements. We have a keen understanding of life co’s, commercial banks, CMBS, and alternative lender requirements, co-lender/inter-creditor expertise, rating agency experience, pooling and servicing agreement, and sales management experience. Learn More
    Strong Capital Relationships
    Our team has over 20 years of distribution experience and $40 billion distributed. We pride ourselves on agile domestic and international capital relationships and a tested track record in sourcing capital from 0-90% LTV. Our excellent relationships among key decision makers are pivotal in our ability to increase execution certainty.  Learn More
    Decades of Real World Distribution Experience
    We are a dedicated team of career principal lending and distribution veterans, as opposed to career brokers. Led by Managing Partner Faisal Ashraf with 18 years of distribution experience, our distribution careers provides us with strong moral authority and peer credibility when acting on your behalf as your sell-side advisor. We speak your language and more importantly, the language of your counter-party
  • Placing Mezzanine Debt

    Our relationships with debt and mezzanine funds, mortgage REIT’s, sovereign wealth funds and numerous international pools of capital enable us to provide our clients with a service of selling off mezzanine positions to manage their internal risk profiles.

1. Capital Relationships

Through our extensive relationships with life companies, banks, and debt funds, we have the in-house capabilities to position our clients senior loans so they can optimize an appropriate leveraged return for their balance sheet risk.

2. Capital Markets Knowledge

Our services enables holders of debt to access non mark-to-market, uncrossed senior leverage gained through customized strategies ranging from loan sales & distribution of senior loans to pooling mortgage loans and issuing CLO securities.